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The 18th century Swedish mystic Emanuel Swedenborg, who wrote prolifically on dreams, marriage and the afterlife in addition to many other topics, once dreamed of a fire raging in his country's capital. He awakened to learn that an actual blaze was indeed sweeping the city. This strikes the reader as miraculous, since there was no demonstrable or even thinkable connection between his dream and the fire. Swedenborg was many things, but he was no pyro!

What are we to make of this? This bit of prescience seems to violate the laws of cause and effect. For Carl Jung it was an instance of synchronicity, or meaningful coincidences linked acausally or connected in some way that even modern scientific advancement is still unable to explain. Of Swedenborg's dream Jung writes: "We must assume that there was a lowering of the threshold of consciousness which gave [Swedenborg] access to absolute knowledge. The fire in Stockholm was, in a sense, burning in him too."

For the unconscious mind, space and time take on a different meaning from everyday life. Indeed, Jung's own researches proved to him that "under certain conditions space and time can be reduced almost to zero, [and] causality disappears along with them." For time and space are products of conscious awareness. Space endows a phenomenon with extension and time gives it duration. Without both space and time, nothing that is perceived could exist! But where does the world go when you sleep? It sinks into non-existence along with the conscious mind which gave it life. Jung concludes: "If, therefore, the unconscious should develop or maintain a potential in the direction of consciousness, it is then possible for parallel events to be perceived or known."

Indeed for the person interested in expanding his consciousness, there is no limit to the extent of conscious awareness. For the unconscious, or Overmind, which sees all, is another name for the Absolute, God, etc. And psychics, inventors, mystics are all tapping into this eternal store of all knowledge. As the corner psychic also claims, with her depraved efforts to part you from your $20 - or $2500, as once happened to me. But that was 20 years ago, I was soon-to-be bereaved, and contrary to the promised results of the psychic's intercession, my brother died anyway. But those must have been some expensive candles she purchased.

You have no doubt experienced instances of expanded awareness in your own life, as is the case if you have ever found yourself thinking of a person who moments later calls you or visits you. If you wish to increase the frequency of these synchronous occurrences, in other words if your desire is to expand your consciousness and access the bottomless font of all that is (or maybe just attract a love interest), do this: Simply sit still, close your eyes, clear your mind, open your heart and tune into the divine frequency. The expansive ocean of knowledge and bliss seethes within you. And as someone once said, "For those that have eyes let them see." When you close your orbs you open your inner perception, and there is no limit to the fun and games. Though to play with that love interest, you'd do best to leave the house once in a while, not without first opening those eyes. Don't you just love fun in games!

But that's the point: you must keep in mind that everything is just fun and games. The Hindu mystics, who themselves gave us the ancient scriptures as products of their visions, stringently cautioned against the development of siddhis, or extraordinary powers. Siddhis can make one invest in the material world, which it must never be forgotten is merely a dream on the canvass of consciousness. You may locate the gold on your dream treasure hunt, but it disappears when you wake up, and you are left But you are not so bad. You are the true fortune.

You see, the true reality is not what is known or gotten or loved, or even knowing or getting or loving itself, but the knower and the lover, and both are You. When knowing, knower and known all merge into one, you have accessed divinity. And are probably also fast asleep. When you wake up, remember, heaven and hell are in your mind. And don't waste your money on fortune tellers. Because you are the gold that you seek.


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