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Wednesday, October 5, 2016


We've all heard the expression that everything is connected. And now there is a movie about the phenomenon, called THE CONNECTED UNIVERSE. It is based on the work of Nassim Haramein, an amateur physicist discredited by the establishment who claims to have solved equations that puzzled even Einstein. The film is about the bridge between science and spirituality and how physics has at last found that indeed all is one.

But you don't need to be an Einstein or a Haramein to observe the connectivity at work. Perhaps you've witnessed instances of synchronicity in your own life. Say when you look up a foreign word and no sooner learn the meaning than you hear it spoken three or four times in as many days. Or you see how connected we as people really are, even friends you'd never imagine could possibly know each other, spread out as everyone is in a big city, turn out to be besties unbeknownst to you.

The other day I was telling my cousin Alisha about my romantic history and my ex-girlfriend Shannon's name came up. I realized as we were talking that it was Shannon's birthday, so I decided to drop her a line to say hi. It was the first time I had contacted Shannon on her birthday in 13 years, back when we were a couple and had sushi in the valley to celebrate her 27th. Shannon thanked me for the birthday wishes and suggested we get together for lunch some time soon. Not one to procrastinate, I asked if she was free over the weekend. 

The next day I get a call from my cousin. "I think the universe wants you to contact Shannon," she said eerily. Turns out Alisha was at the hair salon getting her hair colored when my brother's name came up. Alisha was drinking his beverage and mentioned that she was the owner's cousin. Ingrid (her stylist) said she new GTs brother (me) way back when. Ingrid is in fact one of Shannon's best friends, and we used to hang out back in the day, when she was pregnant with her now 13-year-old son. When she told Alisha that Shannon and I used to date, Alisha shrieked and said, "That Shannon!" Because Alisha knows Shannon too! They are members of some charitable organization and their kids often play together. They don't even live in the same city and here they are hanging out. What a small world. Which I suppose is another way of saying everything is connected. 

PS I never heard back from Shannon about our lunch date. I guess the connection was dropped. Or the ball, is how the saying goes.

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