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In his book The Holographic Universe, author Michael Talbot introduces many shall we say avant-garde concepts that are now becoming more and more mainstream. Published in 1991, the book's 25-year anniversary has arrived. 1991 was also the year I graduated high school. More cause for commemoration. Why aren't there 25-year reunions? I've missed the 10- and 20-year so I probably wouldn't show up anyway. 

The book hit stores a year before Talbot's death from leukemia when he was 38. One of the concepts he introduces is using the mind to heal disease. Unfortunately either he did not implement these methods or they failed in his case. One method of recruiting the mind to heal the body is to chant the sacred mantra, Aum, which harmonizes the cells and frees the body of blockages and disease. Now Talbot doesn't discuss Aum per se, but he does evidence the miracles of Sai Baba, (written about in detail in the book Modern Miracles). Sai Baba was the Indian guru from whom…


Recently the talk show host Steve Colbert had the comedian and political commentator Bill Maher on his show. Discussing police culture and the recent string of police brutality videos, Maher told Colbert: "I believe civilization is a mile wide and an inch deep. Without police on the job, you know that movie The Purge? It would be that every day. In two days you'd eat my liver, and it wouldn't be good for you." 

Haha, very funny. I like Maher, but he passes off his opinions as home truths and is admittedly a cynic. Unfortunately this cynicism is very widespread. Witness the slew of apocalyptic shows and films. Dystopia is what the collective consciousness seems to expect for the world's future. And I have met many people who are preparing themselves for the coming end of days, by moving to remote locations and becoming self-sufficient, stock-piling provisions, even building fortress-like dwellings, such as those in my native Bel-Air, mega-mansions which look like c…


Deej! What's up dude! Last night I had a dream about you. You and Layla came over to my house and insisted on staying the night, basically just crashed the premises and made yourself at home. You took over both my room and my office, commandeered my desk, which you made your personal work space, and even shut the doors. Even had you left them open I wouldn't have entered, knowing you to be an incorrigible slob. I remember that time you visited me in Denver, cracked out of your mind with that gypsy hoe, and without further ado walked into my shower and washed all that temporary dye from your hair, staining my curtains for good. What I don't do for a friend, or let be done as the case may be.

Soon a black transvestite appeared on the scene (in the dream) to levy charges against you for discriminating against a member of the LGBT population, which even the tranny considered weird as you have had some homosexual experiences yourself. Recently I had looked up the definition of h…


Dear K,

I dreamed of you last night. It was so vivid! We were in a hotel or motel room, in some foreign country. Who knows, it may have even been your Germany. We were by the airport. You were working as a stewardess and your departing flight was fast approaching. I too was waiting for my flight, and so we found ourselves lying side by side on a bed enjoying the precious last 15 minutes that remained to us before we'd go our separate ways. 

We cried about our imminent departure and opened our hearts to each other. We stood in front of the mirror looking at each other. I reminded you of our first date, when I told you I thought you were the prettiest girl I had ever seen. And that even though we've been broken up now for almost three years, I still feel that way about you. In the dream you replied that I was the handsomest guy. I always wanted someone to say those words to me, ever since I was a little boy! Strange how all these feelings I thought were buried should really be on …


I was out on today's 12-mile run when I came upon a construction worker who when he saw me scurrying by said, "I know you've gotta be training for something." I mean who else picks a 1-mile loop in a well-paved, tree-lined neighborhood and in the middle of the day does several repeats as fast as he can just for fun? I understood the guy's mindset. My reply: "I train for life." 

Which is just as good a reason as any, I say. I don't need to sign up for a race to motivate me to log a certain number of weekly miles. Last week I ran 50 in relative heat just for the fun of it. Life is the biggest game, thrill and challenge, and to truly enjoy it is to make your body, the vehicle that carries you through life, as fit and healthy as can be. I do all my miles barefoot, which sets a natural limit to how much I can run. I've run as many as 83 weekly miles without shoes, including 26.2 at a time (I've run a couple marathons barefoot) but while training f…


I often get asked by those who are unable or unwilling to adopt a diet of strictly plants whether I might suggest a middle ground. In other words a diet of, say 80% plant foods with some animal protein included. These people either really enjoy eating meat or wish to gain more muscle than they believe can be achieved with beans and greens. Or both. While I disdain to endorse the inclusion of any fowl, beef or pork, and believe that the cons of dairy consumption far outweigh the pros, I am not averse to the idea that a person could eat some eggs and fish and be considered healthy, look good, run fast and lift heavy. 

Let's say a vegan eats 3,000 calories per day and includes a can of beans for the protein and 1/4 cup of chia seeds for omega-3s. These foods can be replaced with some eggs and wild-caught fish, and what you lose in fiber you gain in protein and more omega-3s. If you include 2,500 calories of fruits and vegetables, the breakdown is about 80% carbs, 10% protein and 10% f…