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There are many popular versions of the age-old tale featuring the genie that emerges from the lamp to grant three wishes. Many of them end with the third wish being to erase/undo the first two. In other words, be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it. Desires bring strings and can beget problems. Having a desire instantly creates a limitation or lack in your life. Suddenly you are missing something and are incomplete. This is what happened to the American Indians. The "white man came across the sea," as Iron Maiden sings, and finding a new market for his wares created a dependency on whisky and tobacco, vices which the Indians had not known, at least not to the degree that trade with the Europeans caused. An example closer to home is Apple, with its relentless onslaught of new technology that will be extinct by the following year, creating an ongoing dependence in the user. Without desires, you are truly free. Which is why Christ advised to give away every…


Turmeric is a root with brown skin and orange flesh. Its peppery, warm, slightly bitter flavor has made it a mainstay of curry dishes, but its high anti-oxidant content and other benefits make it an ideal food. My dad had been adding the shredded root to his tea as a natural anti-inflammatory. His research suggested turmeric is effective in the treatment of cancer so he proposed I get some for my mom who has stage IV breast cancer. I bought my mom a newly-released highly-bioavailable pill version of curcumin (the compound in turmeric that gives the root its health-promoting properties). It's made by Solgar. Recently she stopped her chemotherapy which wasn't working, only producing side effects such as fatigue and hair loss, and I figured this over the counter pill could bridge the gap between hard core treatment and a more natural approach. Her cancer is slow-growing anyway.

So as not to feel left out I started taking turmeric myself in powdered form a couple weeks back. Just a…