Take it or leave it.

Saturday, November 21, 2015


Come live with me and be my Sweet
Together we'll Love's pleasures greet
Through sands of time, in rain or shine
If this, my plea, thy mind may please.

We'll rise at dawn to sing a song
A song of praise to hail the day
To our song's sound I'll spin you round
Your grace displayed in golden rays.

Into green fields that blossoms yield
Doves leave their nests to crown your head
To sea we're borne, where on the shore
Your garland of seashells I'll thread.

Then will we raise a place to stay
A retreat that our each need may meet
Stone by stone we will build our home
To breed our company to keep.

We'll lay us down on sacred ground
And gaze as night takes place of day
Our lips will touch, our faces flush
As our bodies exchange embrace.

As eyelids close, and breathing slows
As sleep conveys our seasoned legs
Our minds will fly, our spirits rise
To dream of all we've made today.

A day in life, our Day of Life
The bride of my day-life are you
Come live with me and be my Sweet
And we will prove these pleasures true.

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