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Friday, October 30, 2015


There is this funny scene in the funny movie You, Me and Dupree, starring Matt Dillon and Owen Wilson. Wilson's character, Randall Dupree, is a slacker man-child approaching middle age, who though smart enough to be a member of Mensa, rides around on a rickety Schwinn bicycle mooching off his best friend and meandering through life without a pot to piss in or a plan to get one. That is, until he meets this girl he really likes. She's a grade school teacher, and he convinces his best friend's fiancee, played by the lovely Kate Hudson, who is also a teacher, to let him give a career day presentation to her kindergarten class. He hopes his performance will impress his girl. In the presentation, Dupree lets the kids in on "getting the call from the Mothership." For some kids, he says, the call will come in their early youth, and these students will become the prodigies. Others will get the call in college and go on to be masters of industry. But the third class, he says, languishes well into middle age. "You'll do a lot of languishing," he tells them. Just like Dupree. And me.

There's a lot about Dupree I can relate to. Though older than the 30-something guy he plays (I am 42) I live with my mother and get around on a bike. A member of Mensa, I have a medical degree I never really used other than to write a book on nutrition hardly anybody reads. And I'd do most anything to impress a girl I'm sweet on, though these days I don't have much of an opportunity for that. Because I am always home. So I have been content to languish through life. That is, until I got my call....


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