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Thursday, September 17, 2015


Gender dysphoria is a condition in which there is a conflict between a person's physical gender and the gender he or she identifies with. A person who is physically a boy may actually feel and act like a girl and is therefore very uncomfortable with the gender they were born as. Gender dysphoria doesn't imply homosexuality. A man can feel like a woman and still dig chicks. Like Bruce Jenner, who with his hormone therapy and plastic surgery has started a trend or at least given it a big boost.

More and more people, even kids, are having sex changes. I identify as a woman, says the boy. I say, identify with nothing. You are not male or female. Your spirit is free - to express itself through whatever your bodily vehicle happens to be. Which is why I don't agree with those who say they identify with one sex or the other. Even boys who are born boys should not consider themselves boys and go around grabbing their crotches, spitting, cussing, and ogling girls. Personally I never "identified" with the crass ways of my pubescent peers. I admired so-called womanly ways, girls with their social graces, sensitivities, and soft-spokenness. But I didn't want to become a girl! I did however adopt some of the finer sex's savoir-faire, and with great success. The classic male behavior is not innate. It is conditioned, as is the tendency in boys not to express their emotions, or in girls to lisp and play with dolls. These stereotyped behaviors have got to stop. We are children of the universe, people!

You can adopt any traits you admire, whether they be traditionally male (strong, silent type) or female (demonstrative and gregarious) - while retaining your sex's defining features and genitalia. Society likes to brand us. Homosexuals have this problem. Since when did labeling yourself gay or straight become so de rigeur. Who needs the labels. But labels are everywhere. Straights have this problem too. I am a father. I am a spouse. I am a lawyer doctor teacher. Ask yourself, who was I before I was born? Not even human! That's your true nature.

Astrology does this too. I used to study it in depth. Each person has planets in signs and houses with qualities and elements that define who you are, your tendencies and strengths and weaknesses. But in so doing it pigeonholes you into certain traits and types. I act this way because my sign says I do. My advice: don't mistake the car for the driver. You are not the personality. You are the spirit imbuing matter with life. The point is to transcend the individualized ego based personality for the pure unbounded spirit that you truly are. Let that spirit work through you. Be whatever the moment requires. Introspective, sympathetic, energetic.

But you say everyone has their types. I am told I like to work out and eat well and spend time in nature. It is true. But these behaviors aren't specific to me. Rather they are qualities we all come into this world liking to do. Why? Because they are natural, and conducive to health. Watch a baby frenetically move its body, laugh. Watch children run and play in the park. These aren't personality traits in the same way that breathing isn't a personality trait. It is what the body needs to do - but you won't die without working out or eating salad, as you would if you didn't breathe,  which is why so many get away with neglecting such salutary pursuits.

Remember yourself. Be the boundless perfect spirit and it really doesn't matter if you inhabit a body that is male or female. Because you are neither, both, and so much more. Whatever your body is, enjoy it, and know that whether you have titties or testicles, your human form surely won't be fat, if you make like a kid and go play.

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