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Tuesday, June 2, 2015


So I'm outside doing what sun worshippers do when I open my eyes to see a coyote staring at me. It wasn't but 10 feet away. Its piercing eyes a beautiful shade of green. Its coat was so glossy. It looked perfectly groomed and cared for. And I thought, there is no human to give this creature any love. Its home is a cave somewhere, its domain the dusty rocks of the surrounding hills. It doesn't bathe or go to the groomers. It receives no shots. And yet it looks just as pampered as the German Shepherds and collies and other domesticated dogs I see each day being led around by the leash. Except not fat. Nature truly is a benevolent mistress.

I put it out of my mind that this same coyote had likely been the one that had lured away and then devoured my mom's little Yorkie, Prince. Poor fella. Ah well, what's done is done. And yes, we were separated by several feet so if the coyote had fleas and ticks I wouldn't have seen. At least it didn't have mange or rabies. But the beast was just so regal! After a time it pranced off, leaving me in its trance.

And my thoughts wandered to how far we as a race have, well, wandered from nature. Much of our lives are spent divorced from what was once our natural habitat (the outdoors). We eat processed foods, sit in our air-conditioned automobiles sipping artificially-flavored drinks, hunch before a computer for 8 or more hours in a room without windows or natural light before living the day in reverse, repeating the commute home, then after a meal that bears no resemblance to the foods from which it derives we sit or lie in front of another screen, this one the TV, before passing out maybe after a few pathetic pumps that pass for sex. At least it's with someone. And we awaken to do it again and again. And all the lotions and fragrances and soaps we use, and the many layers of synthetic clothing. But it whisks! Yeah so does my utensil.

Is any of this natural? Our pleasures have become exotic and perverted. We sit in cramped dark rooms, viewing what could only pass for entertainment in a world as f#%#ed up as this. Video games and fantasy leagues, amusement parks and ice creams. Slot machines and lottery. Huh? The odds of anybody reading this are about as good.

A famous dude once said, "Except you become as little children, you can in no wise enter the kingdom of heaven."

Did you know Jesus Christ was a Jew? And that he was black? Yes, Jesus was a black Jew. There aren't many of us around anymore. But what does it mean to be like a little child? The child is simple and innocent. Pleased with natural pleasures, he has not yet learned the worldly standard of valuation. Hand a kid a piece of gold and a garden hose on a hot day and the child will invariably choose water. The perfect plaything. Watch your little one in the tub.

There are those who believe the kingdom of heaven is at hand. I have yet to meet someone who believes this but I'm sure he exists. And, that the kingdom of God is within you. That's Tolstoy. Straight from the title of his book.

So cultivate your inner child. Nature will take care of the rest. Just go outside and play. But please, not golf. We're in a drought, people!

Do the things a child likes to do - except suck your thumb, pick your nose or make fart noises. Some things it's good to outgrow. All else, pretty much fair game.

Lest these posts become a perverted pleasure I'm going to take my own advice and catch you on the flipside. I trust you'll do as I do and have fun. Tchau for now.

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