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Monday, April 20, 2015


The Srimad Bhagavatam offers concise advice on the life well-lived. It follows here:

"Therefore the aspirant should, by steady effort,

1. establish control over the mind, which is infatuated with the objects of the senses, by intense application to devotion and the development of profound distaste for the world.

He should:

2. look upon all creatures with an equal eye,

3. abjure violence

4. and renounce all attachments,

5. practice celibacy

6. and the habit of speaking as little as possible,

7. be content with what comes unsought,

8. eat moderately

9. and dwell in solitary places,

10. cultivate tranquility of spirit

11. and friendly sympathy and fellow-felling towards all,

12. develop self-control

13. and cease to entertain the feeling of “me” and “mine” towards the body and those connected with him through it.

You will cultivate, by these various means, the knowledge which brings you the realization of the true nature of the Universe and realize your own pure Self."

If this seems too complicated, simply follow the advice of St. Augustine, who put it thusly: "Love, and do what you will."

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