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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Here I'd like to quote a passage from the book "Unity is Divinity," which is a compilation of the teachings of the holy man Sai Baba. Discussing God, he says:

"The One (God) is comprehensive of all that is. It has no wants, no desires, and no activity to realize anything. God created the world as His sport. He laid down that every deed must have its consequence. He is the dispenser of the consequences but He is not involved in the deeds.

"Therefore, it becomes plain that neither the personalized God (Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, etc.), nor the individualized selves (you and me), nor the objective world can ever succeed in discovering the beginning of the cosmic illusion which brought them into existence and started the chain of cause and effect. Nevertheless, one can succeed in knowing when this illusion, this cosmic dream, will end.

"When will it end? When the objective world is ignored or set aside or denied or discovered to be the same as the Divine, the individualized soul is no more, the individual consciousness merging with the absolute. When he is no more, the aspect of God reflected in the highest quality of purity, is superfluous and disappears. And when the personalized God is faded out, the Absolute alone is. When there is no child, how can a person known as mother exist? It is a word with no significance. When a personalized God, a personality separate from the rest (the individual soul) and the mental creation of the soul (manifest reality) are non-existent in the developed consciousness of man, the cosmic illusion which is the progenitor of all three, cannot persist."

The universe is a dream in the mind of God. Just as when you go to sleep at night, all that you see and experience in your dreams can be said to be you, since it emanates from your mind,  so in life God is both transcendent and immanent in all creation which derives from the Divine Mind, simultaneously all that is and yet no one thing in particular. Your personal connection with this divinity is the consciousness through which you experience life, your line to the divine.

Sai Baba is also known for shorter sayings which can be seen as guides to live by. Included in these are my personal favorites:

"Love all, serve all."


"Start the day with love, fill the day with love, end the day with love. This is the way to God."

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