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Friday, December 12, 2014


Annie Frost is one of the few female trail runners to make a living from the sport. The 33-year-old native of New Zealand has posted wins in events as long as 100 miles and has achieved iconic status in the up-and-coming sport of ultra running. But 2013 was rough on Ms. Frost. She suffered an injury to her shins which led to a prolonged absence from the trails. Unable to run, she underwent a crisis of confidence, wondering who she was if not an athlete. She felt like a nobody. Plunged into a depression, she spiraled downward even further, neglecting sleep, partying excessively, gaining weight. Since 2014 has been her strongest year ever, she clearly overcame her sadness. The question is, how did she get out of the black days and back into the sun of self-confidence?
In a recent interview for Running Times, she tells that she spent two months simply breathing. Then repeating mantras that confirmed to her that she was enough as she was, with or without running. She credits the depression and her recovery with the success she's had since. And now her approach is much healthier and holistic. She believes in herself, not in merely what she does for a living.
But how common is it for us to identify with our station in life, with work, role in society, etc? But these roles we play are not who we really are. Even Mozart, seemingly a born virtuoso, who was composing concertos in his childhood, did not come into this world as a musician. Like everyone else, he was just pure consciousness, and like everyone else, when the curtain comes down on the play of life, that's what we remain. Spend some time each day communing with your essence. Simply be. And be comfortable with that. Your consciousness is all you really have. It is you. And it is everything.

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