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That's some pretty inspiring music by Haydn. Ecumenical when you can't understand it, but probably written with the Christian notion of "Almighty God" in mind.

Which begs the question. When you hear the word God, what comes to your head? An image of a hoary bearded one clothed in white striking down sinners from on high? Love? Allah? Buddha? Christ? A formlessness energy and order that is the undercurrent of all that is? Pure intelligence? Omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence? Or are you an atheist? I really don't believe in an atheist as such. We all believe in something. And that which exists forever transcends both religion and irreligion, it just is... Do you believe in you?

Here's a little story. Imagine if you will, Absolute Oneness. Pure Awareness not aware of itself. In this Awareness the stirring of consciousness gives rise to the notion "I am," which essentially is awareness of its own existence. Simultaneous to the arising of consciousness is this living-dream called the manifest universe, and within it various entities (individuals, like you and I) which are only concepts arising out of the identification of consciousness with an apparent object that is actually only an appearance in consciousness. Wow!

This manifestation of the Universe and entities occurs spontaneously and without reason, like the appearance of waves on the sea, and foam on the wave. At the end of our allotted span here on Earth, consciousness once again spontaneously merges in the Absolute.

To find a parallel in your individual life, think of the nature of dreams. Each night you go to sleep, and whether you remember it or not, you have dreams. These dreams - entire worlds of roads, cities, cars, and peopled with characters some of whom may be familiar to you, while others are entirely new - arise from your consciousness, as does even the character which you play in the dream. (I've often looked in the mirror in dreams and found strangers staring back at me, or looked down at my body and seen someone else, although in the dream it was perfectly apparent that this was who I was supposed to be.) And at the end of the dream, the entire world sinks back into your consciousness, and you wake up, get out of bed, go about your business, forgetting about the dreams you had.

This is a microcosm for that which occurs on a universal scale. The whole universe is a dream in cosmic consciousness, and each individual consciousness, attached to a fleshy vehicle (body) enacts its role in the dream, which has been scripted from time immemorial. Yes scripted. Even your reading these words has been willed from before the beginning of time.

Do you find this hard to believe? Does it contrast with your cherished idea of free will? Submit it to the test. Before you turn in tonight, try writing the script of your own dream. You will find (as I always do) that no matter how hard you try you have no (or at least not complete) control over the visions that arise from your consciousness, all of which seem supremely real (just like "real" life). And these visions arise in your own head! Good luck trying to control waking life.

The point is not to seek to control what you cannot control, or even to seek anything. If you dream of trying to find gold, and even if you attain it in your reverie, this seeming treasure is valueless and disappears when you wake up. Nothing you seek has any value. It is only the seeker that is real. Only you!

So instead of pining after worldly pleasures, or building castles in the clouds, keep your attention fixed on the dreamer, the individual consciousness which is your lifeline to the Absolute from which it springs. It deserves reiterating that you will find that there is nothing in life worth seeking - for it is all a mere figment of imagination within consciousness. Fulfillment lies in waking up, in realizing the dream character is not the real you, in realizing the oneness of the dream character (and all other characters) with the dreamer in whose mind these dreams play themselves out. Wake up. It's hard if not impossible in your night-time dream to realize you're only dreaming. But you can do it in your day dream, and once you see life for what it is, it changes everything!

Remember the oneness. God is all and all are in you.

Once you realize this, life becomes what it was meant to be, what it has always been, which is a game. So throw the joystick away and just play.

Of course all games have rules, and most major religions provide useful guidelines for conducting yourself in this game we call life. Jesus Christ proposes two commandments which he says are above all else: To love God with you whole heart, mind, and soul; and to love your neighbor as yourself.

Get the message? It is love. And the object - whether God, others, you or me - is the same. It is you. You are the subject. You are all that is. That's something to rejoice about. Amen sister!


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