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There once was a woman who owned a precious piece of jewelry. One day she woke up and could not find it. Believing her prized possession to be lost or stolen, she dashed about in frantic search, questioning everyone, until finally reminded by a dear friend she was wearing it around her neck. (The woman must have forgotten to take it off the night before - has this ever happened to you?) Breathing a sigh of utmost relief, she realized she created her own anxiety of loss and then her own pleasure of gain, although the true reality had gone unchanged - her heart's prize was with her all along.

Similarly, the Self (God) is there whether you search for it or not. Just as the woman felt fulfilled as if regaining the lost necklace were something new, so also the removal of ignorance and the cessation of false identification with the mind and body reveal the Self which is eternally existing. This is called Self-realization, enlightenment, liberation, etc. But realization is not new. It amounts to elimination of ignorance and nothing more. There can be no liberation without bondage, and the truth is you are always free.
A group of ten foolish men once traveled across a river. On reaching the other side they wanted to make sure if all of them were safe after the adventure. Each one counted the nine others and left out himself. The whole company thought that the tenth of their group was lost and began to despair. A kind wayfarer enquired of them the cause of their weeping, and at once recognized their foolish mistake. In order to make them understand the error of their ways, he made them pass before him in file and struck each one of them as they passed, making them count ten strokes in all, and thus discovered the tenth man.

You already are what you seek.


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I was watching the TV show Naked and Afraid last night as I sometimes do. The show teams together two strangers, a man and a woman, who attempt to survive on their own for a period of 21 days in some remote and isolated region. Some of the locales featured include the Australian Outback, the Amazonian rainforest and the African Savanna. The man may have a military background, or be an adventurist or deep sea fisherman. Sometimes he's an ordinary dude who lives with mom. The woman is a park ranger or extreme fitness enthusiast or "just a mom" herself. Sometimes the couple quarrel, sometimes one or both "tap out" (quit) in a fit of anger or illness. It is satisfying to see them actually make it through the challenge and reach their extraction point. The victors are usually exhausted, emaciated, begrimed and bare ass naked. 

Even more satisfying, at least for me, is the occasional ass shot, snuck in at strategic intervals to boost viewership, of course. It's co…


In my days in the working world, doing the traditional 9 to 5 thing - although when I was a teacher it was more like 10 to 2 and 6 to 9; and as a doctor it was often 6 to 6 - I saw how easy it is to fall into the traps of so-called civilized life. I'm talking about modern vices. Things like drinking, smoking, drug use, promiscuity, and a diet of processed food, with or without animal flesh.

During my senior year of high school I decided it was necessary for me to abstain from these five vices. Each day that I didn't 1. drink alcohol, 2. smoke cigarettes, 3. do drugs, 4. eat meat, and 5. have sex or masturbate, was a day lived in the right direction. The direction of purity, divinity, wholesomeness, God consciousness. It was a way of distancing myself from my more earthy peers, who even at the tender age of 17 were indulging in many of these fleshy pursuits, and on a daily basis. I had soccer teammates who smoked a pack of cigarettes, getting their fixes before school, between …


I hereby proclaim that June is meditation month. And July and August and some of September too. For me at least. During the hundred days that comprise summer, give or take, I have taken it upon myself to "assume the position" for approximately one hour each day, usually divided into two 30-minute sessions. During this time I sit in front of a candle flame, let my breathing subside, and with it my mental activity, and literally count the seconds.

The reductive tendency that is emblematic of science has penetrated schools of meditation, and there are many, each of which advertises its particular breed as, if not being the best, at least boasting novel or specific benefits not found in other forms of meditation. 

For example, there is mindfulness, which is the monitoring of thoughts. There is concentration or focus, as on an object or the breath. There is transcendental meditation, which uses the inward repetition of a phrase, or mantra, to "allow your active mind to easily …