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You are what you eat, as they say. So what happens when you eat dairy, when you enjoy cottage cheese? If fat goes straight to one's thighs, and you are what you eat, then the result is pretty simple.

How to get rid of cellulite, that subcutaneous breed of fat that gives that orange-peel or cottage cheese-like dimpling to the skin, particularly of the thighs, butt, hips and waist? There are fancy creams and expensive surgical procedures of questionable efficacy. The truth can be found in science, as usual - and as is always the case, the simplest method is the best. And since everyone knows you are what you eat...

Body fat serves certain purposes, such as insulation and the storage of energy. It also is where the body keeps toxins. Because fat is relatively inert and receives less blood supply than muscle or organ tissue, by serving as a garage for waste products the body assures itself that harmful chemicals won't make their way to the bloodstream and from there to the major organs like the heart and brain. Because if toxins (pesticides, fertilizers, heavy metals, chemical residues, etc. to which we are exposed almost constantly in our environment, air we breathe, food we eat, etc.) get to the brain, what happens? We become inTOXICated. Which I suppose would save you money on beer, if you were trying to get a buzz.
But if you prefer the clear-headed approach, and want to retain that smooth behind, what's the simple way to keep cellulite away?
1. Expose yourself to fewer toxins. Spend time in nature, eat organic food, avoid packaged foods high in preservatives and other additives and stay away from animal products (which are high in fat and store their own toxins in fat). It's a nobrainer to avoid taking drugs including prescription meds if you can, and don't smoke or drink alcohol.
2. Eat less fat. By reducing your fat consumption you will naturally eat fewer calories (by weight fat has over twice the energy of carbs or protein); your body will therefore be encouraged to burn the fat (cellulite) you already have. Not that you have any. But there are quite a few people, even actresses like Mischa Barton above, who do. But these girls look great and beauty is not just skin deep. I am of the mind that if your soul shines, then that certainly suffices. The body is merely a vehicle. Who minds a few dents and dings? But there are those who do.
So what's the quick fix to this pesky breed fat? How to as they say kill two birds with one stone? Eat an organic phytocentric diet. Plant foods are lower in chemicals than animal products, especially if you choose organic varieties; as a group they are also much lower in fat than even lean cuts of meat and lowfat dairy products. What's more, a study found that plant foods increase levels of the hormone adiponectin, and since levels of this hormone are diminished in cellulitic fat, upping your stores by eating more beans, sweets, seeds and greens is another means to win the battle of the bulge, by avoiding the fray altogether, so you can keep those girlish thighs and tight behind well into your golden years. Yet another reason to choose plants.


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