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Monday, August 18, 2014


The scriptures are unanimous in propounding the following message: See God in others and others in yourself.

All is one. Unity is divinity. Which is why Christ said, "Love your neighbor as yourself." And: "Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you."

We come into this world incapable of differentiating where we (our bodies) end and external objects begin. We don't recognize ourself in the mirror for months if not years. Then we learn our name, and what's me and mine, and the second person (you) and third person (he, she, they) arise, and from separateness springs fear and from fear distress, leading to depression, anxiety and the epidemic of mental illness we are currently in the throes of.

Of course some identification with the body is essential for survival. If you didn't know whose mouth belonged to you, where would you put food? But when we become persistently forgetful of the divinity that underlies everything, the consciousness that supercedes all, and that the one manifests as many so that essentially we are all sparks of the great flame of divinity, what happens? Contention springs up, arguments abound, there is strife and opposition and the nightmare that life can become, and is in certain parts of the world.

So to bring yourself back to the unity, try this.

1. If you like to argue and cling tenaciously to your opinions as being right while those of others are wrong (I'm referring to opinions not facts, which are true: saying you prefer peaches to plums is a preference/opinion subject to differences, while saying the Earth is round rather than flat is truth admitting of no discussion) - if you can be called contentious or opinionated, try this today. In every argument or discussion that arises, give the other person his way. Simply say you're right and move on. And why not? All opinions are just that, personal, and may or may not be true but are certainly true for the person who holds them. And just like you enjoy someone agreeing with you in your preference for x over y, be that someone to another (you already are that person to me.)

2. If you don't consider yourself as given to debate, maybe you feel a certain anxiety or hesitancy around strangers or unfamiliars. If this is true you are not alone. All children suffer to some degree or other xenophobia, which is fear of the unknown. Try this: greet everyone who crosses your path today as though they are your dear family member. This can mean giving a hug, a warm smile and how are you doing, or merely a good day wave.

We are all members of the family of the human race, and spreading love can remind others we're all in this together. Love and warmth are contagious emotions. Be the matchstick that kindles the flame of sweetness everywhere you go and you warm the world a little at a time.

I know you already are this, I'm just reminding you the importance of what you do and who you are.

Just these two types of "random acts of sweetness" can go a long way to make the world a better place, and allow you to experience the oneness of creation and consciousness and a little bit of bliss along the way.

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