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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Chances are you're familiar with the phenomenon called the open-faced sandwich and have probably enjoyed a few yourself. An open sandwich is usually a slice of fresh bread with different spreads, butter, liver pate, cheese spreads, cold cuts or sausages like bratwurst. But if you enjoy these calorie bombs for lunch you'll likely wind up needing an afternoon nap. In fact, if you enjoy the combination of bread and animal products at any hour of the day the result could be disastrous to your health. Okay, okay, moderation is best in most things, but if you agree with the increasing number of experts who link animal foods with more diseases than smoking, it's best to take tremendous care about what you put in your mouth. Plants are best, and the less processed the better.

And so...sandwich lovers out there, and this includes us, we'd like to propose a variation on the open sandwich which will leave you filled with energy and replete with nutrients. And even better, it's easy to make, involving only 2 ingredients.

Take a sweet pepper of your choice (red, yellow, orange or green) cut in half and deseed. Then slice open an avocado, and fill each half of the pepper with 1/4's worth of this savory fruit. We prefer to use 2 peppers and a whole avocado. Dijon mustard and/or jalapeno peppers make great garnishes and help to replace sodium losses that occur if you've worked out earlier in the day.

This delicious, nutritious delight can be enjoyed either as a lunch or as a snack between meals. At just 310 calories, it provides 20% or more of 14 major vitamins and minerals, in addition to 16 grams of fiber. And the monounsaturated fat present in avocados will keep you satisfied but not satiated till dinner. Enjoy!

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