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Too often the focus of a discussion about whether to eat a certain way is limited to the realm of nutrition; i.e., this food offers more of these vitamins, or those minerals, or it burns fat, or builds muscle, etc.

It is important to remember that your food choices impact not only your own body but also the health of the environment, economy, not to mention the well-being of your fellow Earthlings. Which is why we say that the proper foods require a relative minimum of resources and regenerate rather than ravage the environment, while being a source of pleasure and life rather than pain and death.

This holiday season, when you sit down to that turkey or that hog (and even for those who shun such foods, animal products often infiltrate family gatherings), and when you possibly pray over such food, as is customary for families to do, remember the words of the eminent Upton Sinclair, who wrote in "The Jungle" (1906) about these creatures whose pain we make our pleasure:

... “And e…