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Thursday, November 15, 2012


We have said it before and we'll say it again, humans require large quantities of food in order to feel satisfied and to encourage efficient digestion. We are talking in the range of 5 lbs or more a day. Concentrated foods provide lots of calories for small portion sizes due to the absence or lack of water and fiber, so it is wise to choose plant foods to meet your bulk needs.

If ever you find your digestion is a little sluggish (there is no excuse for not "going" at least once a day every day) try this diet on for size. We call it the 10 lb diet. Simple, the 10 LB diet calls for 10 lbs of food. Specifically, 8 lbs of fruit/vegetable fruits, 1 lb of leafy green vegetables, and 1 lb of lentils, beans, or non-gluten grain (quinoa, rice). Such an intake provides over 100 grams of fiber and well over the daily requirement of all major nutrients (except D, which you should get from the sun, and B12, which can be found in yeast) - and at under 2,500 calories.

Here it is:

1 lb bell pepper: 120 calories
1 lb cucumber: 55 calories
1 lb tomato: 80 calories
1 lb orange: 210 calories
1 lb apple: 200 calories
1 lb strawberries: 145 caloreis
1 lb banana (4): 400 calories
1/2 lb avocado (1 large): 325 calories
5 dates: 300 calories
.5 lb lentils: 265 calories
.5 lb brown rice: 250 calories
1 lb spinach: 100 calories

Total: 2,450 calories.

Feel free to substitute the above items with seasonal varieties, and to vary portion sizes according to hunger and body habitus. Chances are you will not be able to consume such a large quantity of food (unless you run like Forrest Gump): this goes to show you that you can eat as much as you wish as long as you choose the right foods.

Happy feasting.

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