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The raw community stands staunchly behind the benefits of what is known as the monomeal. As the name suggests, you choose one type of food, and make an entire meal out of it. What could be easier?

Monomeals have the benefit of convenience, nutrition, and deliciousness. What's more, they are very easy to digest.

Want to give the monomeal a shot? The best candidates are fruits, which can be eaten whole and unseasoned. They provide instant energy to propel you through the day ahead. And because fruit is so high in water, you won't need to drink any liquids with your lunch (or breakfast, or dinner). Not only that, you can exercise a short while after completing the feast. Some of our favorite foods to eat exclusively (usually for lunch) include apples, bananas, and oranges. If you crave salt, you may wish to choose vegetable fruits - for example bell peppers or tomatoes, which are highly nutritious and pair well with a dash of sea salt, and maybe a little lemon and basil.

You can…


If you could eat only one dish for the rest of your life, what would you choose? Burgers? Fries? Pizza? Ice cream? While these dishes certainly satisfy the taste buds, they leave your cells starving. What's more, they leave you feeling bloated and fatigued, and while stuffing you they leave you unfulfilled and snacking indiscriminately.

Why do we crave salt, sugar, and fat? Because our taste buds tell us to. How to eat yummy stuff AND maximize nutrition? Create a healthy dish that hits all your taste receptors...


...while meeting your needs for bulk (5.5 lbs of food per day)...

And satisfying your nutritional requirements.

Or borrow the one we've created (above). What's found in this large bowl?

1 bag baby spinach (16 cups) 1 medium tomato 1 lemon (juice) 1/2 avocado 1/2 cantaloupe 6 oz blueberries 1 banana 2 dates
To prepare: start  by adding the spinach, diced avocado and diced tomato together in a bowl with the juice of one lemon, a dash of s…


Most of us recognize the importance that diet plays in the effective management of disease and the maintenance of optimal health, but how many act on this knowledge? It is not enough merely to eliminate unhealthy foods. Saying no to soft drinks and to animal products is a step in the right direction, but this exclusionary approach falls short if substitutions include pasta, bread, and other convenience items. Not exactly nutritional powerhouses, these. One needs to make fruits and vegetables the focus, accord these super-foods primary importance, as  the health benefit derived from including large amounts of these foods outstrips the benefit of excluding nutrient-empty foods like meat. What is required is to refine the diet to both load up on produce and exclude meat, eggs, dairy, refined grains, nuts, and oils. But even within the realm of produce, variations in nutrition exist. Where potatoes and bananas provide calories and some vitamins and minerals, these light-colored foods pale b…