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Saturday, December 24, 2011


Our friend David, 30-something from Santa Monica, sent in his daily diet for proud display. In truth, big D is actually 40 years young, but he has the healthy glow of someone half his age. Welcome back to high school, big guy! For many of us high school glory is the best it gets, but it doesn't have to be. By eating well and breaking a sweat you can retain the vim and vigor of youth well into the twilight of your life, which in the case of celebrated vegetarians can end up well into the triple digits. With that said, take a gander at:


A typical breakfast smoothie for David includes bananas, berries, flax, lemon, and apple.

Measuring 6-8 cups, this regal repast provides 650 calories, with a carb/prot/fat ratio of 80/7/13, in addition to 38 g of fiber, and 50 percent or more of the daily requirement for 10 nutrients. Fit for a king, David is starting off the day better than many people accomplish in a whole week. Bitchin'!


A representative snack includes 2 oranges and 1 apple, for an addl 200 calories and 8 g of fiber


A typical lunch for David includes beans, greens, and tomatoes, which taken together provide roughly 650 calories and an additional 30 g of fiber.


Dave's do-right dinner is almost without exception clean and exemplary. He often includes a large salad with nutritional yeast and his favorite variety of bean (pictured is black bean) which comes out to 420 calories, and an additional 27 g of fiber.


calories: 1,955

carbs: 385 g (74% of total calories)

protein: 92 g (16% of total calories)

fat: 25 g (10% of total calories)

fiber: 110 g!!!

micronutrients: 100% or more of all major nutrients, except vitamin D (which you can get from sunlight) and vitamin E (which exists in leafy greens, and is also obtainable in a multivitamin, which David takes)

Quite simply, David is . . . doin' great.

Let this holiday season be a time for celebration and cheer. Honor your body and provide it with the nutrition it deserves. With simple choices, you can enjoy a long life brimming over with energy and joy, enough to make each day a cause to commemmorate . . .

The Joy of Being.

Merry X-mas (and Hanukkah) to all, and to all a goodnight!

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