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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Steam, Steam, Steam!

Raw fruits and vegetables are the healthiest foods on the planet. However, there comes a time - usually around 5 or 6 pm - that one gets the desire to eat hearty, savory, warm food.

While cooking methods such as broiling, baking, roasting, grilling and frying are popular, they expose your food to dry heat at very high temperatures. The result is to dry out your food and even to produce carcinogenic (cancer-causing) substances, the presence of which is often indicated by those black streaks one sees on grilled vegetables.

It is best when choosing a cooking method to focus on those methods that produce moisture-rich food at relatively low temperatures. These methods include boiling, sauteeing, and steaming.

Of these methods, steaming is perhaps the easiest. But when most people steam food, they either overcook it, don't make enough to satisfy their appetite, or both. So here are some pictures to help set you on the path to healthy, hearty steamed meals.

First, the veggies which lend themselves to steaming. These include sweet potatoes, kale, and cauliflower. A more detailed list of steaming veggies can be found in my book. Start by slicing these vegetables and setting them aside in separate receptacles, as pictured.

These veggies have different steaming times, so after bringing water to boil, start by throwing in the sweet potatoes. Steam for 5 minutes. Next, add to that the cauliflower and kale and steam for an additional 5 minutes. This will cook the potatoes for 10 minutes and assure they are tender but not overdone.

While you are steaming, dice up a few fresh vegetables and ornaments, including olives, avocados, tomatoes, maybe a little tofu. We've also included some leftover lentils, which are so savory!

When your steaming is through, add the three vegetables into a big bowl and let them marry.

Mix them up with your favorite spices, maybe a little lemon, some liquid aminos, tabasco is also good, a little nutritional yeast, perhaps some light coconut milk, and voila! Don't be intimidated by the portion size. You can handle it.

I know we did!

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