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The Case Against Grains

Grains such as wheat (bread, pasta), oats, barley, rye, rice and quinoa (commonly called a grain but actually a seed) are available and affordable, and whole grains can be modestly nutritious. Refined grains, as in baked goods, most breads, cereals, pastas, bagels, buns and tortillas, are nutritionally bereft. The fiber has been extracted, along with most of the vitamins and minerals. Instead of eating a piece of bread, you may as well devour handfuls of white sugar. Seriously.
Availability, affordability and modest nutrition make whole grains a satisfactory part of a semi-healthy diet, or alternatives to animal foods, but grains are by no means a perfect food. Beans, which are also available and affordable, are nutritionally far superior to grains. And beans come ready-made.
We know what you are thinking: “Beans, beans, good for your heart, the more you eat the more you fart,” and so on. Yes, we've heard this one too. And yes, people often blame their digestive difficulties on t…